Bus Driver Removed Hands From Wheel To Eat Burrito Causes Massive Crash

Driving while impaired or distracted under any circumstances is incredibly dangerous – especially if you are going to remove both hands in order to eat a delicious burrito. Well, according to ABC News, one bus driver in New Mexico caused quite a crash when he did just that.

The Albuquerque city bus crashed into a car, causing a chain-reaction of vehicle crashes involving three more cars, according to authorities. Now, a person in one of those vehicles has filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming they were injured in the crash caused by a burrito. The lawsuit originally claims the bus driver was texting, but new details have arisen this week that the man was munching on Mexican food while performing his duties.

ABQ RIDE Public Information Officer Rick De Reyes said: “Our driver was disciplined for eating and drinking on the job, which is against our policy, and for causing the accident. And he has not been in an accident since that day.”

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