California Neighborhood File Lawsuit To Have Autistic Boy Named Public Nuisance

In one California cul-de-sac, acting neighborly is apparently a thing of the past. The neighborhood has banded together in order to file a lawsuit against a family that is raising an autistic child. “For us this case is not really about autism,” said Robert Flowers, one of plaintiffs. “It’s about the safety of our children. They were attacked on multiple occasions.” Another plaintiff in the case says that his children have been slapped, hit and kicked. While the group is claiming public safety, a number of the people involved in the issue have said they are worried about their property values.

What makes this case all the weirder, is the fact that the family raising the child no longer live in the neighborhood. The family did issue a statement saying, “we are … very disappointed by the non-factual and deeply manipulative falsehoods that have been spread … which we feel amounts to a modern-day witch-hunt against a small disabled child and his family.” The neighbors have said that they filed the lawsuit as a last resort and claim the parents could come back at any time.

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