Candidate Left Baffled After Voting For Himself And Receiving Zero Votes In Election

One poor Englishman became the laughing stock after he ran for office in the UK local elections–and got zero votes! Paul Andrew Dennis represented the Socialist party for the local elections Rainham North ward for the Medway Council. On the election count on May 7th, the poll results were revealed, which can be seen below.

When the results of the local elections were revealed with Dennis having zero votes, the whole room burst into laughter. He told The Mirror that he is “baffled by the result“, as he sure knew he voted for himself. Paul Dennis said in the interview “I was gutted to be honest. It was a bit humiliating, especially at work.”

Paul Dennis, a train conductor, revealed he should’ve had at least four votes. He insisted the results were a mistake as apart from himself, his wife, daughter and father had pledged their support. Several people had also approached him afterwards and vouched that they had also voted for him. He is embarrassed by the whole event and is appealing for a recount.

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