Cats Now Proven To Be More Independent Than Dogs

They may be one of the most popular pets around, but that doesn’t stop cats from having a bad reputation; the word “sourpuss” had to come from somewhere, after all. That doesn’t stop cats from being loved, but it also doesn’t stop them from going about their business unabated — almost literally, at that. Recent studies have not only given insights to the feline mind, but proven conclusively that they have one slight edge over dogs.

The dividing line between cats and dogs lies in their relationships with owners. Dogs are comparable to children, in the sense that they see their owners as a source of safety and security. Meanwhile, cats can handle being on their own on a regular basis; they can still form bonds with their owners, but they won’t suffer from separation anxiety as severely as their canine rivals. The conclusion was drawn from tests that put cats in new environments with varying levels of contact with others; in the end, the cats tended to show no signs of distress or relief when reunited with their owners.

One possible explanation is that cats haven’t fully done away with their instincts as hunters on their own, as opposed to dogs. Whatever the case, it looks as if cats can handle themselves fairly well; still, owners can — and should — be there for their furry friends.

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