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  • [Challenges] Okay so I did a lot of em with one ship, and I hope this counts. Mun & Back, Rendevous, Minmus, Conqueror, Kerbcarus, Voyager, Crew Swap, Kessler Syndrome
  • KAMPF UND KUNST - Front-Arbeiten der Propaganda-Kompanie der Armee von Küchler [1942] A map of paintings and sketches by various artists
  • Gallow is less than 100k from 5,000,000 link karma. How do we plan to celebrate when he breaks the milestone this week?
  • The Rising Storm - An Islamic State AAR Part 3 [Cannot fix! Please click the imgur link to be directed to the album!]
  • How it feels when you write a well thought out message only to have it rejected because their mailbox is full
  • A folder with nazi paintings and sketches which I found in my grandma's attic. [1942]
  • MRW I'm a terrible alcoholic and try to kick the habit
  • i'll just show this champagne bottle who's boss
  • HMB while I break this champagne bottle
  • WCGW if I smash this champagne bottle?
  • How to pop a cork in the Mother Land
  • Probability is not man's best friend
  • An excellent start to a celebration
  • that bottle is stuck in reverse
  • MRW I'm a shitty Transformer
  • Trying to destroy the USMLE
  • Throwing a champagne bottle
  • New type of bottle rocket
  • Throw me at a wall huh?
  • Champagne bottle to hip
  • Throw it on the ground
  • ''to new beginnings''
  • I hate this bottle!
  • What are the odds?
  • Chicken's Ultra B
  • こんな酒 叩き割ってやるうう→
  • Brexit the GIF
  • Perfect throw
  • #waitforit
  • Champain
  • me irl

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  • Edyth Cummings Reply

    No pagne, no gagne.