China Creates The World’s Longest Glass Bridge

It’s one thing to cross a high bride, however once you add a glass bottom to it, it officially becomes scary for anyone to attempt to walk across. That’s what’s currently happening in China as it officially opened the world’s longest glass-bottomed walkway. The new bridge was created to replace China’s old and scary wooden bridge.

The bridge is located at Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan and sits between two amazing cliffs. It is about 180 meters above ground, 300 meters long and consists of a double layered glass floor that is 0.94 inches thick. Each plate of the glass floor is about 24mm thick and it is 25 times stronger than the average piece of glass you’re used to. Many tourists are afraid to even set foot on this glass bridge.

After looking at the photos of this amazing bridge, you can see why it has been deemed as the hero bridge. Anyone that has the courage to cross it, deserves recognition.

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