Chinese Officials Claim They Will Beat Dogs To Death

The growth in pet dogs throughout China has risen exponentially despite the country’s intense regulation on them. The eastern city of Jinan has taken things to an extreme, unfortunately. The district government has ordered all dog owners to either rid their household of the beloved pets or they will come into the family home and club the dog to death before their very eyes. It’s certainly a drastic measure to take, but it does mean they are deadly serious.

A notice which has been posted on gateposts around the city reads: “No person is permitted to keep a dog of any kind. Deal with it on your own, or else the committee will organise people to enter your home and club the dog to death right there.

The government has killed many stray animals previously, but this new order also brings in any dogs that are registered and vaccinated safely. A cull like this usually only happens when the city has an outbreak of rabies, which kills 2,000 Chinese citizens every single year. The Chinese tend to lie along a very thin line between those who absolutely love animals – especially dogs – and those who view such pets as a dangerous threat to the public.

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