Chip n' Flip

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  • AfTEr MAn mAkeS kIDs fALL, hE FIniSheS OnE oFf wIth A HeaDsHOt
  • [GIF] MRW I'm trying to play with my GFs siblings
  • KiDdOs GeTtInG FuCkInG mUrDeRd AnD fAcE cRuShEd
  • i'll just encourage my boys sporting careers
  • Found in /r/funny, thought you'd like it too
  • Asshole dad of the year award goes to
  • Kronovi vs. the rest of us newcomers
  • Uncle goes for the double whammy
  • When an all-star joins the game
  • HMB while I play with the kids
  • HMF while I play with my kids
  • Not ready for the big leagues
  • The opposite of dad reflexes
  • I was told this belongs here
  • Dad just trying to help out
  • Life Lessons Taught By Dad
  • Dad teaching life lessons
  • Haha I'm better than you!
  • I was told this went here
  • This is rocket league
  • Playing with Xeroxs
  • father of the year
  • Dad being a jerk
  • Chip n' Flip
  • Gangster Dad
  • me irl
  • 3 in 1

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