Church Sues Strip Club Following Topless Protests

A church from Cleveland, Ohio, is suing a strip club from a neighboring town after workers responded to protests by the pastor at their premises by demonstrating outside the church while topless. This follows months of conflict between the two parties in which they have both taken legal action against each other.

The suit cites a law that was enacted by Bill Clinton in 1994 to stop people blocking access to abortion clinics. The church now wants to use the law, which is often used against them, to stop strip club owner Thomas George and his employees from coming near their building on Sundays. Meanwhile, George argues that the demonstrations only take place because church members protest outside of his club every Friday night.

Isn’t that ironic that he likes to protest abortion clinics and he uses that law to fight me,” George said. “What is good for the goose is good for the gander. They are no different from anyone else because of their line of work.

Court officials and local politicians have previously attempted to solve the dispute between the strip club and the church as it is draining public resources. This is mainly due to all of the legal action and the fact that police are regularly called to both sets of protests.

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