Clapping is harder than you think

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  • MRW I should be paying attention to the ballet I am attending but I am actually just trying to wrap my head around how lesbian sex works
  • MRW I'm trying to handle two dicks but I've never before attempted such a feat
  • MRW I'm pretending to be a Lego mini figure but I never learned how to clap
  • MRW I am trying to figure out how same-sex-couple crabs have sex
  • MRW I try to figure out how Lego minifigures clap
  • There were multiple attempts at clapping
  • clapping.exe has encountered an error
  • MRW I identify as a pansexual lobster
  • Little boy can't work out clapping
  • Award Etiquette & Clapping Physics
  • MRW I forget what set I'm claiming
  • Clapping is harder than you think
  • Juvenile alien attempts clapping
  • Young one is still adapting
  • This kid is a fan
  • Me👏irl
  • me irl
  • me⬅irl
  • meirl

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