Comfy Couch And Snacks Sidetrack Burglar

Sometimes it turns out that burglars aren’t always looking for money or jewelry, but rather a tasty snack and a cozy spot to take a nap. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that on Thursday, April 23rd, a man broke into a Petaluma residence and helped himself to some Tater Tots and then fell asleep on a couch.

The homeowner was busy doing some chores upstairs, and failed to hear the intruder enter her home. Around 2 p.m. she headed downstairs and found the Tater Tot burglar, 44-year-old James Adams, snoozing away the afternoon. Startled, she fled back upstairs to her bedroom, locked the door and called the police.

The police recommended that she simply flee the house. She ran downstairs and out the front door, but her steps woke up Adams, who also became startled and fled out the rear of the residence. He made his way through a wooden fence and a neighbor’s yard, but police eventually cut him off. Adams was resisting while police tried to handcuff him, resulting in Adams being tasered.

Investigators believed Adams had intended to rob the house, but instead got sidetracked by the promise of Tater Tots. Adams has a lengthy history of criminal charges and is currently being held on bail.

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