Crazy New Body Art Trend Increases Risk Of Skin Cancer

Although most people know the implications of too much sun for the skin, a lot of people are still in search of that ever elusive tan. Some of these people have taken this to an even higher level, though. They’re engaging in what’s the latest trend, known as sunburn art. These people are getting a sunburn with an intentionally placed pattern in it. This is something they’ve done either by strategically placing their sunscreen or by using a stencil.

Sunburn art is similar to a temporary tattoo, but they’re raising a lot of red flags from health professionals. In fact, dermatologists are calling it crazy. Even the United States Skin Cancer Foundation is strongly warning against this practice because all it takes is five sunburns in youth to increase the risk of melanoma by 80%. Of course, other forms of skin cancer, as well as wrinkles, blemishes, roughness, broken veins, and scaly patches also occur.

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