Criminals Try To Smuggle 230 Kilograms Of Heroin In Custom Jaguar

Three creative criminals have been caught trying to sneak £38 million worth of drugs into the UK inside a custom Jaguar. The trio’s long journey began in Pakistan but was put to a halt when they were caught in the United Kingdom.

Israr Khan, Attique Sami, Noman Quereshi were all arrested when police found over 300 bags of heroin inside their custom designed car. The car was packed full to the rim with drugs. The bumpers, engine, seats, dashboard and just about every other piece of the car was used as storage.

The car was on the back of a loader, where the criminals intended to sneak through customs, and make their way to Dagenham. Weighing a whopping 230 kg, this was one of UK’s largest drug bust in awhile. Unfortunately for the criminals, they were being tracked the entire time.

All three of them were found guilty of importing and supplying heroin and were all given jail time. Better luck next time boys.

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