Dad Adds The Perfect Twist To This Father-Daughter Wedding Dance

Weddings are a time for memories to be made and memories to be shared. It is an emotional day for the father of the bride, as he is giving his daughter away to a man that will now take care of her, a role he has been doing for her entire life. The father-daughter dance is a special time for them to share one last moment together before she goes off as a married woman.

While most father-daughter dances are the same at every wedding, Jim Mickunas had a surprise for his daughter and the wedding guests. You see, his daughter was not one to get all dressed up as a child. She preferred playing sports to putting on dresses and playing with dolls. Because of that, he did not want the traditional father-daughter dance to happen.

It started the traditional way, but a little into the song and he stopped the music and softball mitts are brought out for them to play catch as their father-daughter “dance” and we immediately began to tear up! As time passes on, the new son-in-law comes out and Jim hands the glove over to him and the new bride and groom play catch.

source: youtube
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