Danny Trejo Steps Away From Movies To Try His Hand At Tacos

You may not know the name Danny Trejo, but even if you don’t, you’ve probably seen his movies. With an astounding 300 acting credits to his name since 1983, the Los Angeles native has appeared in the likes of Spy Kids, Con Air, From Dusk Till Dawn, and that truly hilarious Super Bowl Snickers commercial, as well as having starred in the wildly popular b-movie series Machete. As an actor he is constantly busy and yet for over a year he has been working on an alternate project that has absolutely nothing to do with being around a camera.

Initially announced in August of 2014, the actor recently tweeted pictures of the soon to be opened restaurant which was converted from an old Taco Bell building. The restaurant is said to be a fast-casual style locale with tasteful yet edgy decor that suggests a vibe somewhere between hardened biker bar and a hip urban eatery. Located on S La Brea in Los Angeles, Trejo’s Tacos is set to open for business this month.

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