Deez Nuts Has Become Real Contender In North Carolina Presidential Election

While Donald Trump has continued to maintain his rather impressive lead in the Republican presidential field, there is a new contender in the mix, at least in North Carolina. In the Tar Heel state, a candidate that actually goes by the name Deez Nuts has managed to climb to the point where he is actually quite a bit more popular than a number of Republican candidates. As Public Policy Polling indicates, Deez Nuts is actually get a whopping nine percent of the vote.

That might be surprising enough. What is even more shocking is that the unlikely candidate is just a 19-year-old kid from Iowa, who likely entered the race on a dare. It appears the unusual name has managed to make Deez Nuts a candidate that people are enjoying saying they would vote for when they are polled. That is the one saving grace for those who point to this situation as cementing the decline of American politics. So far, no one has actually cast a vote for the young man. These are just polling numbers but it does show that the electorate is even more annoyed with regular politicians than anyone realized.

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