Doctor Finds Ebola Virus In His Eye

American doctor Ian Crozier was treated for Ebola, last year and declared free of the virus. However a few months later Crozier began to experience a piercing pain in his left eye and after numerous tests doctors discovered that the Ebola virus was still living in his eye. When the virus was discovered, Crozier’s eye started losing its original blue hue.

In September 2014, the 44 year old doctor was hospitalized at Emory University Hospital for more than a month after contracting the disease in Sierra Leone, where he worked at a hospital. Crozier was discharged in October, and returned to Emory about two months later after developing eye problems. Doctors used a needle to remove some fluid from his eye, which tested positive for the virus.

CNN reports that “despite the presence of the virus in the eye, samples from tears and the outer eye membrane tested negative, which means the patient was not at risk of spreading the disease during casual contact.” Since 2015 at least 25,000 people have fought Ebola infections. More than 10,000 have died, mostly in the West African nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

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