Doctor Guilty Of Molesting And Photographing Naked Patients Gets No Jail Time

Dr. Jeffrey Joel Abrams of San Diego, California, sexually assaulted victims in his medical office, and took explicit photos of the women’s genitalia — shockingly enough, he will serve absolutely no jail time. Abrams pleaded guilty to multiple counts of sexual penetration of an unconscious person, while also admitting he was in possession of child pornography, involving an 8-year-old girl.

The doctor was originally sentenced to 25 years behind bars. But, apparently because he has kidney cancer, prosecutors went along with a plea deal which will have Abrams simply confined to house arrest for one year.

The clinic where the crimes occurred was frequented by low-income women, many of them immigrants who did not speak or understand English very well. Abrams’ 12 victims were told that their photos would be used for teaching purposes. Yet, when he was investigated, none of the photos were found in patients’ medical files. Abrams must now register as a sex offender, and will never be allowed to practice medicine again.

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