Doctors Remove 11 Pounds Of Poop From A Man Who Was Constipated For 10 Years

While there is no exact number on how regularly you should have to use the toilet, those who go for more than a few days without pooping should seek medical attention as it may mean that you are constipated. Although constipation can be painful, it is usually harmless, as long as it doesn’t last for several weeks.

One man, though, has been apparently been constipated for 10 years. The anonymous Chinese gentlemen has allegedly not pooped for a decade and has complained to doctors throughout that time of severe stomach pains. After struggling to find out exactly what was wrong with him, one doctor examined the man more carefully and discovered that he had a blockage of fecal matter that weighed an incredible 11-pounds.

Doctors then realized that the man was suffering from Hirschsprung’s disease, otherwise known as Congenital megacolon, which prevents the large intestine from passing stool. They went on to surgically remove the blockage and found that it had grown to be so large in his colon that it had actually forced some of his internal organs to move.

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