Doctors Say Iced Tea Obsession Led to One Man’s Kidney Failure

A 56-year-old man from Arkansas had been suffering kidney problems for quite some time before his doctors discovered the startling cause behind his illness: iced tea.

This thirsty fellow consumed one gallon of iced tea every day, and according to his doctors, that is the only logical reason for his kidneys to be failing.

Doctors say that black tea is known to cause not only kidney stones, but total kidney failure as well. Once they found out this man drinks 16 cups of it every day, the problem was obvious.

When the man was taken to a hospital, his kidneys were found to be inflamed and blocked by copious amounts of oxalate, which is found in high concentration in black tea. Doctors estimate that every day this man was consuming up to 10 times the amount of oxalate one should consume in a day.

Thanks to his iced tea habit, this unlucky man will likely be on dialysis for the rest of his life.

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