Dog protects baby from 'dangerous' vacuum cleaner

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Dog protects hooman from dangerous vacuum
  • Dog protects baby from the clutches of the deadly vacuum cleaner
  • Dog protects baby from 'dangerous' vacuum cleaner
  • Doggy protects little human from scary vacuum
  • Brave pupper does a protect
  • 俺の嫌いなものはみんなも嫌いだろうという固定観念

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  • Kaley Stamm Reply

    Sometimes I'd rather just get existing technology deployed. I mean, it doesn't take a bunch of degrees to know that installing proven train tech is cheaper than installing hypothetical, unproven vacuum tube transit tech. And we can't even get that done. Sometimes you've got to prioritize.

  • Lorenza Stehr Reply

    Kinda the player's fault for getting on the Riven train too quickly, is it not? I wouldn't mind if they replaced my Riven mods with Legendary cores or something, and refunded Endo/credit costs. I expect something to happen though, the outcry is on uni. vacuum levels.

  • Amelie Rosenbaum Reply

    You addressed something I can't wrap my head around. How did they train this cat to attach itself to the vacuum when it needs releif?

  • Jessyca Hartmann Reply

    I'm going to go vacuum my apartment rather than watch this train wreck. Embarrassing.

  • Walton Cruickshank Reply

    Not quite the same. In metro you can get out of the train and walk the tunnel to the exit, on hyperloop you're just a can of sardines in a vacuum tube. They should focus on freight instead of passengers imo, at least until it matures enough to have any emergency safety options.

  • April Cummings Reply

    Yes but the rail project is a *real budget* not some pie in the sky VC theoretical budget made to entice investors. Tell me, how could making a vacuum tube over the same distance be *cheaper* than making a slightly faster train without any kind of vacuum tube?

  • Danny Cassin Reply

    You don't get it. High speed rail trains don't zip through a kilometers long potential bomb. When a train derails, the rails don't go boom as well. You have clearly absolutely no idea how dangerous a large vacuum like this is.

  • Sister Renner Reply

    I'm guessing you're getting Ajayi? Depends what your RB situation is but in a vacuum I wouldn't. Honestly I'm on the train that thinks Ajayi is a fluke and will just become average over the next few weeks

  • Treva Corkery Reply

    I'm quite skeptical about this one guys.. even regular train lines aren't feasible in the US how is a vacuum sealed system going to be economically viable is beyond me.

  • Lavinia Wintheiser Reply

    You have video of this? And I'm not talking about a sled on a train track being accelerated with magnets. I'm talking about a train carriage inside a near vacuum.

  • Quinten Fahey Reply

    Maglev train that was not in a vacuum. Japanese had had maglev since 70's

  • Braeden Kshlerin Reply

    It is a maglev train in a vacuum.

  • Michale Murray Reply

    A side train of thought, could it be forming a vacuum pressure pulling up the slides to the same position as full throttle would be?

  • Easter Marquardt Reply

    Build one of those maglev train tubes in a vacuum. It would be cool to work in Europe somewhere and be back home in New York in a few hours.

  • Rogers Connelly Reply

    You can also get the vacuum you need on the train. That's how I got it at least. Some old dude gives it to you. Thanks old dude!

  • Millie Miller Reply

    Info: The train shown at 4:41 is actually a rarely seen maintenance train. It's a giant vacuum cleaner.

  • Hailey Lueilwitz Reply

    Nice setup, I have a mjo2/gmby the multi bit is nice. Have you heard about the huge hype train on head-fi mjo2 thread. Funny thing is I mostly use my THX00 with the stack lol

  • Jovan Franecki Reply

    > hold a vacuum. My understanding is that it was not designed to hold a vacuum. Leaks are ok and to be expected. It is only designed to minimize the amount of air in the tube and move the air that is inside from the front of the train to the back of the train via a fan.

  • Pauline Graham Reply

    When I was a kid I came up with an idea for a train lifted on magnets, possibly in a tube that would have no atmosphere (a vacuum) for minimum possible friction. You know, like these ones. :/

  • Leopold Hansen Reply

    the train is levitated by magnets, but the tube is emptied of air to reduce wind resistance. probably an even stronger vacuum than in the experiment in the gif.

  • Mitchel Okuneva Reply

    The train is like a vacuum, sucking people into (or under) it

  • Quinn Bauch Reply

    He's not, but I know you can litter train them. He gets quite a bit of poop everywhere which I just vacuum up. He does hop back into his cage to pee though.

  • Destany DuBuque Reply

    The battery technology and space flights are good but the vacuum tube train is stupid. One shot or little hole can be a terrible event. It just can't work. And i did not even mentioned flexing of the tube because of temperature.

  • Quinn Okuneva Reply

    Right? If you're going to go to the trouble of putting a train in a vacuum make it maglev so the lack of friction will let you rocket it to 4000 km/hr.

  • Elvis Jacobs Reply

    It's called a stomach vacuum. It helps, but not just by itself - it helps train the muscle behind your abs, so that your abs don't "stick out" like a gut, even though they may be defined.

  • Lewis Pacocha Reply

    A pipedream idea that will allow for people to experience all the troubles and problems of space travel, without ever leaving earth. It's a needlessly dangerous way to try to travel quicker over land. Basically using vacuum to move a train car.

  • Fritz Graham Reply

    You can't train properly in a vacuum. Pitting yourself against live players will expose your weaknesses so you can start working to cover them. I got destroyed at my locals every week, but each week I found something new to fix and improve. Go for it!

  • Adan Mann Reply

    He is a fantastic salesman and Tesla is a genuinely exciting new technology. However projects like that super high tech vacuum tube train thing are questionable to say the least.

  • Joanne Renner Reply

    Science fiction had this nice concept of a vacuum tunnel train, or "vac train". Then, Elon Musk comes nosing around, renames it the Hyperloop, and now we have a trendy new word for an old idea. It's not even descriptive. :(

  • Walton Yost Reply

    Growing up my parents had an old beat up kirby vacuum. I used to love how it smelled when you ran it. Slightly dusty sort of scent. It was metal with a fucking headlight in the front like it was a train. Thing was intense.

  • Orin Moore Reply

    Starting at age 5, we begin training to sing. Specifically, we train in a zero gravity, vacuum environment. Makes us very adept at singing in space

  • Maudie D'Amore Reply

    A vacuum failure wouldn't mean much. It would mean shutting down for a while but the train would just run slower.

  • Esta Kris Reply

    I sincerely hope they just remove vacuum to spite the never ending train of shit posts regarding the topic.

  • Abbey Daugherty Reply

    Ok, but lots of people train their animals? I'm not expecting this to occur in a vacuum but it's still cute haha

  • Beau Breitenberg Reply

    I can see peasants dreaming of riding the roof of the Hyperloop. Wont this train run in a vacuum tunnel?

  • Matilde Stoltenberg Reply

    Let's see those suckers ride on top of the train in a vacuum sealed tube.

  • Jaycee Adams Reply

    The transporter has better future as a vacuum tube train.

  • Tremaine Blick Reply

    Probably wants to take his train down that vacuum tube

  • Rickey Ullrich Reply

    If you think about it, there are always infinitely many things to do. For example: 1. Lift weights 2. Learn to code 3. Train for marathon 4. vacuum under your couch etc.

  • Emil Haag Reply

    Now a fly in a train that has a vacuum is a different story..

  • Will Boyer Reply

    Tell that to the Kurds, the Shia minorities gassed by Saddam, tell that to the families who were torn apart by his regime, tell that to the nation of Kuwait who was liberated by the US in the first gulf war, tell that to the Israelis who are surrounded by nations that don't care if they strike Israeli citizens, tell that to the Jordanians with whom we frequently train so they can keep their border defended. Destabilizing the region was a horrific mistake, but that was a result of a failure to understand the proper steps in sealing the power vacuum left by Saddam. There's a lot of people happy to have seen Saddam go.

  • Rebekah Murphy Reply

    The details of how may be a freak thing, but the Empire's fall was inevitable. In basic terms, they were attempting to hold an unfathomably large piece of territory which absolutely did not want to be held, and in order to hold it they needed to arm and train the very people who occupied that territory. The Skywalker twins hastened the fall, and they were likely key contributors in filling the power vacuum with a stable and democratic government, but Palpatine's Empire was had little chance of sustaining itself unless the leadership made some radically different policy decisions.

  • Lurline Schuster Reply

    Htperloop is just a futuristic ideea which is very hard to realise. Ask any engineer what takes to sustain perfect vacuum in a long tube with a diameter of a train. God fobid any failure in any wall section - the athmosphere would rush in with quite destructive force killing everything in the tube itself. There are also different physics limitations - you would need to take in account factors as dilatation of the structure and have dilatation/contractiin space while still having vacuum inside. There are countless more problems that just doesn't make the idea feasable

  • Vivienne Balistreri Reply

    First off all the hype train was big on this, you are right and hype trains do often hyperbolize issues. But this game didn't release in a vacuum, there are lots of other games to compare it to also with huge hype trains. It is unreasonable to look at the chain of events and not see that this one is where it's at largely at the hands of how HG handled it, not just frothing idiot fans chomping at the bit . Even if you try to rely on Sean's lack of presence as some how the savior of HG, what he did put out there is actually still damning and the most so his actions even AFTER release.

  • Retta Kemmer Reply

    > a result of the power vacuum we left behind We didn't want to leave and told al-Awaki the same. He forced the US out by refusing to agree to immunity for American soldiers. The Iraqi Army the Coalition forces attempted to train was woefully ill equipped to handle the threats and the Iraqi government kicked out the best help they could have hoped for prematurely. We've returned but a lot of the damage was already done.

  • Jeff Maggio Reply

    I guess I'm in the minority of thinking Sharpe has very limited upside being a late round draft pick rookie AND on the Titans. Crazier things have happened in the world of FF, but I think the hype train has gone runaway. I'd keep Smith in a vacuum not knowing the rest of your team.

  • Louisa Osinski Reply

    A lot of those tanks aren't rated for full vacuum and will implode. There's spectacular video on youtube of big train cars doing the same.

  • Jose Cormier Reply

    If this is a new development, it can indicate medical issues (cholic, usually). You should take him in to be checked out by your vet. Cats don't try to let you know that they're in pain until it's almost too late, so that would be the first thing I'd do. If it's not a symptom, and he just decided to be comfortable, you may have to just train him to be quiet again. (Withdrawing petting and attention when he's loud, approaching him for snuggles when he's quiet, turning on the vacuum if he's meowing outside your door at night when you want to sleep, etc.)

  • Verona Corwin Reply As I said, Trump doesn't mean he literally went down there and created ISIS. He did however train them, arm them, move our forces out and create a power vacuum, etc.

  • Dayna Will Reply

    Not a single test loop has been successful, and none of them ever will be. Transportation in a vacuum is inherently dangerous and expensive. The idea was shit to begin with. "Yeah, let's build a vacuum tunnel for our train, in which the integrity of the entire tunnel would be compromised instantly should it be breached, instantly killing everyone in the tunnel." GREAT. Maybe you should suck my fat dick before accepting all of Musk's ideas as gospel.

  • Devin Abshire Reply

    If you have WR depth and need that RB1 upgrade, go for it. I'm pumping the brakes on the Parker hype train as much as anyone but if it's truly going to be a late 1st, I think in a vacuum you're losing a little bit of value here. That said, without knowing scoring and your roster I can't say this is an egregiously lopsided deal. That said in a vacuum I do think the jump from Ingram to Gurley isn't as large as Parker, and the late 1st doesn't quite make up that gap for me.

  • Emile Baumbach Reply

    What kind of a stupid reply is this? Professions don't operate in a vacuum. If somebody can do better than you, you get replaced. Your WvW melee train isn't going to replace guardians for frontline rangers or necromancers, let alone elementalists for rangers. Nor will a raid in PvE even consider switching out ele and thief for core mesmer DPS specs or ranger (nondruid) full DPS specs, because they suck.

  • Gilbert Macejkovic Reply

    Ever since my neighbors moved in, they were... Very lazy, dirty and careless. They don't mow their lawn, vacuum their carpets, train their dogs, don't take out the trash, and leave a bunch of it on the side of the house. Not to mention they didn't care when their dog scratched me into pieces, and while we are gone they park right next to our driveway. That was when I was young, though. I've moved out now, but that was hell.

  • Bridie Kuhlman Reply

    Buying overpriced meals during travel. I grew up never having travelled, but my wife has managed to get me out a couple times. Whenever we take a train, or the one time she got me on an airplane, I take the greatest delight possible in ordering that slightly stale turkey sandwich with vacuum wrapped cheese on the side. It's the little luxuries in life that make the biggest difference.

  • Jessica Lubowitz Reply

    I've thought about adding a drive train, sensors and some intelligence to an existing cordless vacuum (since that's the fun part anyway). For instance, [this one]( has 60 minutes of run time and is already pretty low profile. You'd just have to route the charging port to work in a cradle of sorts so it can charge itself between cleanings.

  • Emelia Schultz Reply

    Already sounds like a terrible idea,Solar panels are simply not strong enough to comprise a roof.I also live in Canada which makes them useless for a significant part of the year.If this is anything like the solar roadway scam,it's not worth the effort.Side note,what ever happened to that vacuum train thing that literally couldn't even support itself.

  • Aaron Schamberger Reply

    The main problem is that the engineering issues would make hyperloop very expensive to build. The Japanese are building a regular magnetic train line at $ 350 million per km ($564 million a mile). A magnetic train in a vacuum tunnel would cost at least twice that. This would mean an LA-SF hyperloop would cost around $200 billion. That is just too expensive.

  • Lourdes DuBuque Reply

    Have you any experience in derailing large objects in a casual manner? It's not a penny. Chances are someone will notice you and arrest you, or the train will notice and slow down Meanwhile, one earth quake or leakage and one shuttle is now full of paste, and the rest are sealed in an airtight vacuum with no way out

  • Sally Schinner Reply

    Sure, but there's no reason to. It's not like it's more efficient than running around one-shotting the individual packs to gather them up. There's basically no reason to run vacuum farming without the ability to train the group over a ghost.

  • Liam Hessel Reply

    Where is the m/s of the elevator posted? I'm assuming the tech would be an advanced form of mag-rail mechanics/vacuum that is more stable than the things we want to build *today* and the trip-time would be similar to taking a high-speed train into orbit (300-400km/hour).

  • Aliyah Rodriguez Reply

    In a vacuum, you'd probably be OK. But in the real world, with an atmosphere involved, not so much. How is the train moving at the speed of a bullet without throwing up a huge bow-wave which would complicate anything? Also the bullet would be hot and burn your hand. But if you were in a vacuum, yes, you could catch the bullet, as it would be stationary in relation to you.

  • Josefa Kuhic Reply

    He's wrong. It's being isometrically contracted when the vacuum is held, which is enough to train it. What I do is blow out air, pull in TVA and expand ribcage at the same time, and then alternate flexing and stretching the rectus abdominus while holding the vacuum.

  • Vilma Bradtke Reply

    How did you train him? I tried training my Jack Russell to not be scared of the vacuum by running it next to her and giving her a treat when she doesn't attack it. After about 2 hours, she'll stop attacking it... Until the next day when we go back into training. She tenses up whenever we open the closet that houses the vacuum. It's really sad to see :(

  • Ceasar Hayes Reply

    /u/Grarvindur has a point. Taekwondo fighters are exceptional at what they do for a reason - they train it in a vacuum where they don't have to worry about leg kicks or face punches. Those two factors alone make them very good at fighting with the techniques they do.

  • Kobe Feeney Reply

    p/t delivery/stock help @ deli/liquor store; p/t janitor/maintenance @ local high school; p/t - f/t dock worker @ trucking co; f/t vacuum cleaner sales; f/t detective/investigator; f/t warehouse supervisor/delivery dispatcher; f/t train conductor ...

  • Patricia Littel Reply

    The best possible outcome of the hyperloop projects would be a vactrain. Basically, a conventional maglev train in a vacuum. Which is far less risky, cheaper, and more efficient anyway.

  • Maryjane Ratke Reply

    Way to cut out the middle floor. And middle pillows. Middle everything, really. I wonder if I could train mine to not run away from the vacuum..

  • Christian Raynor Reply

    And a Hyperloop is just a mag-train in a vacuum tube. Both things we know? Massively changed.

  • Sammy Lehner Reply

    No divider. It's a old pic... Bandit is 7 now. We didn't ever crate train him.. we just put him in doggie jail as needed. He probably spent 10 hours in there over a period of 3 years. He has the run of the house, but the vacuum monster is in the front of the house, so he doesn't get to that part of the house much.

  • Liliana Bergnaum Reply

    I wish they had a vacuum car on the back of every trash train. Because that thing always comes when I need a train late at night. Also, for a job-creation program, how about having like 4 full time cleaners for every 4 minor stations (or for every 1 major station)?

  • Trudie Bauch Reply

    The train is in the vacuum of space heading to establish the Trumpenreich in Alpha Centari

  • Jada Cassin Reply

    I feel in the next week or two someone is going to make the move and every other hound will jump on the evict paulie train. Currently I would agree with you, but once/if paulie leaves we should see another worthy winner emerge from the power vacuum.

  • Delilah Crist Reply

    I have a 4U and you have to potty, vacuum and bathroom train while they're toddlers, but u don't know if the mix requires that. Vacuuming is at 6pm and bathroom is at 7, so look out for those?

  • Stephania Purdy Reply

    I had the opposite experience. I went there for new year's and watching them clean the city afterwards while waiting on my train was mesmerizing. They made a V formation with these little orange vacuum trucks and just sucked all that shit up

  • Micheal Schiller Reply

    The Transrapid is a maglev train. The hyperloop is not a maglev as it is suspended by a thin layer of air. The hyperloop also runs in a partial vacuum, which the Transrapid doesn't. Except for both being fast trains how exactly are they the same?

  • Ali Feest Reply

    I don't believe it's meant to be a perfect vacuum. Just enough to significantly reduce wind resistance on what is basically a maglev train.

  • Jewell Waters Reply

    I dunno man, it doesn't sound bad in a vacuum, but having the trains filled with semi-conscious hobos probably isn't a great situation for anyone involved. Hospital or C-Train aren't the only two options here.

  • Vincenzo Haley Reply

    It's similar in the way a maglev train is similar to a traditional train in that they are both trains of cargo propelled by energy along a fixed track. This isn't pedantry. It's not just a vacuum tube. Big difference.

  • Merritt Parisian Reply

    It's a vacuum tube with a train in it. It isn't groundbreaking... It'll never leave the testing phase because it's impractical. Did you look at that Wikipedia link? The idea is more than 100 years old.

  • Brent Cummerata Reply

    Could you imagine if Trump declared he'll build a cross-continental vacuum maglev train across the US from NY to LA? It would literally be a project on the level of the Moon Landing.

  • Arturo Kunde Reply

    C.I.A. needs to train the military how to do it right. Mysterious plane crashes and accidents take out key opposition, create power vacuum, take over swiftly.

  • Vince Champlin Reply

    You can house train them to shower, clean up after themselves, vacuum and shit in a toilet? That's impressive! You've changed my mind about dogs!

  • Delmer Hegmann Reply

    Now, they are just bored and carving tunnels in every possible ways they can imagine. They should just build that meglev low vacuum train.

  • Ned Harber Reply

    I think those are vacuum tube diodes, and this is how much diode you would need to rectify power for a train before semiconductors.

  • Toni Ferry Reply

    Vacuum in reverse. Canned air. Train whistle. You got this.

  • Gerry Fahey Reply

    When the train goes fast enough, the vacuum it creates sucks the smoke into the coaches. Their purpose is to avoid that.