Dog Rescued After It Drove A Pick-Up Truck Into A Lake

According to Ellsworth Police Department, a young pet Yorkie somehow managed to make his way into the front seat of a pick-up truck while the family spent the weekend at Branch Lake. The young dog then managed to drive the large truck into the lake, where it began to sinking in the water. Thankfully, someone dove in after the vehicle and pulled the pet to safety. The truck wasn’t as lucky, though.

The owner of both the vehicle and the dog parked his truck near a hill by the shoreline of the Maine lake before he went swimming with some friends. The dog somehow hit the gear shift inside the cab, rolling the four-wheel truck into the lake.

A female friend of the dog’s owner immediately saw trouble happening, so she rushed into the lake and saved the trapped pet before it came to an early demise. Ellsworth PD said: “The truck was fully submerged. Without the quick response of the family friend the man would have lost his companion. She is a hero.”

Upon rescuing the dog, a towing company was called to remove the truck from the lake. Thankfully, not a single person – or animal – was injured during the entire event.

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