Dog-Sized Rat Chases Garbage Man Down Road

Anyone within the Plymouth area is being warned to be wary of giant rats, which are said to be the size of small pet dogs. These rats are apparently everywhere throughout the area. Local garbage man Ben Landricombe, 34, discovered one of these mammoth-sized rodents behind a trash bin while on his collection route. He was then chased down the road by said rat.

Ben said: “This latest one is over a foot long I reckon. It is huge but I have seen this size and possibly even bigger in the last couple months. They are definitely getting bigger. Also they are not afraid of you as they used to be – I got chased by one. One came after me. I just went behind the bin and tried to shoo it away. It then went for me. They are certainly getting more vicious. They would never used to have done that.”

This ‘plague’ of over-sized rats has been spreading throughout the UK for some time now. It’s unclear what anyone is doing about the problem, however.

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