Dog The Bounty Hunter Helped Capture Fugitive Murderer In Upstate NY

Dog the Bounty Hunter is one crime show that everyone can get behind when they’re extremely bored. The aging bounty hunter is known for putting together militaristic-type operations with his family members to capture wanted fugitives. Well, the man came through when two escaped convicted murders were racing through the wilderness in upstate New York.

Duane Chapman, AKA Dog the Bounty Hunter, came through to lend a hand, acting upon a tip from two children who claimed to have seen David Sweat riding a bicycle within the area. Speaking with Watertown Daily Times, Dog said: “So Sweat’s captured… this is all allegedly: two kids at a graduation party had seen a guy riding a bicycle… And I hope this is a true story because those two kids now have a bank account. And they reported it, and the cops were in the area…”

Sweat was arrested close to the Canadian border after a daring escape with fellow inmate Richard Matt. This has been one of the largest manhunts in recent history. The two men escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York on June 6th. Over 1,200 police officers headed to the area, closing in on the suspects during their nearly month-long journey.

Police shot and killed Matt in a cabin near Malone, New York, where he had been hiding out. He was shot three times after ignoring police orders and trying to escape. State Troopers said: “We were always confident we’d find both men. Once Matt was discovered the clock was ticking for Sweat. It was only a matter of time. [At] last justice can once again be served and those people they installed fear in can now rest easy in their beds. They are a threat no more.”

The entire ordeal has come to a conclusion, thanks to Dog the Bounty Hunter, 1,200 state troopers, and a couple of kids with a good tip.

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