Drunken Man Claims To Have Been Assaulted By Hippopotamus

Madison police officers were dispatched over the weekend to a small family home in the 300 block of W. Gorham Street. That type of emergency phone call isn’t too surprising, but what occurred after the officers arrived actually was a little odd and interesting. According to WKOW, a local man was knocked unconscious after he entered into a fight with another, older individual. The attacker was said to have beaten the victim quite badly.

One witness said the unknown individual had stomped and punched the man while he was on the ground, unconscious. The attacker, who was a much larger individual, was said to have been as drunk as the victim, who has remained anonymous so far.

Upon awakening, however, the victim claims he was attacked by a hippo instead of an actual man. It’s unclear exactly how much this man drank, but he was definitely intoxicated beyond belief for the majority of the night.

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