Engineering Student Designs A Complete Aircraft While Drunk

Mark, a Michigan Tech University engineering student, returned home after a night out and set about designing a complete aircraft. After that, he fell asleep and woke the next morning with no memory of designing the entire aircraft. However, Keith Fraley, Mark’s roommate, was there to witness the whole episode. The next day, he posted a photo of Mark’s designs on Twitter. The tweet has gone viral, with 156,000 favourites and 97,000 retweets.

Fraley said that Mark stumbled into the room in a drunken sway at 11.30pm after drinking vodka and rum and reached for his textbooks. A few hours later, Mark emerged and started telling Fraley all about his designed airplane and the calculations behind it. But it turns out that Fraley’s tweet was not completely correct – Mark’s designs are for an aircraft that floats above the water rather than an airplane. However, it may just work. Fraley said that Mark says that he thinks his design may work, and he is going to try to recreate his design into a remote-control model.

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