Everything day

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  • MRW I wake up from a night of debauchery at Burning Man and find myself trapped in the web of the infamous gym spider
  • MRW I want to reenact Jesus' crucifixion but I bought rubber bands instead of nails by mistake
  • MFW everyone thinks I suck, but my 3-d maneuver gear is actually broken
  • When it's not just arm or leg day at the gym but everything day
  • MRW I'm Jesus and I need to get in shape before I am crucified
  • There's a Meta joke in here somewhere about someone
  • MRW "crossfit" autocorrects to "christ fit"
  • Duncan Trussell putting in work at the gym
  • Reminds me of the king in The Healthy Dead
  • HIFW going back to the gym after a break
  • Working out like Jesus on a rubber cross
  • I think his 3-d maneuver gear is broken
  • Always swing on the bright side of life
  • Just a couple more reps man, let's go!
  • Gotta Get Ready For The Passion Sequel
  • I feel like this is more appropriate
  • Reason #782 to have a home gym
  • [tw:late] Easter formcheck plz
  • He just keeps bouncing back
  • CrossFit has gone too far
  • When it's everything day
  • Preparing for the Titans
  • Testing 3D maneuver gear
  • [Funny] Everything day
  • Me trying to work out
  • HMB while I work out
  • Full body workout
  • Intense Workout
  • Looks like fun
  • fite me irl
  • me🏋irl
  • ben_irl

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