Family Finds Goodbye Note From Recently Deceased 6-Year-Old Boy

6-year-old Leland Shoemake passed away after having come down with a deadly amoeba in his brain. When his parents, Amber and Tim returned home shortly after he passed away, they found a goodbye note that Leland apparently wrote for them, before he was taken to the hospital for the final time. “When Tim and I came home for the first time to get (Leland’s) clothes to be buried in, this is the note we found from him on the table in the living,” Amber wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. “We have no idea when he wrote it but you can tell he was always a special child.

Leland died on September 25th after battling Balamuthia mandrillaris for the past month. “He’s being kept sedated but his pressures keep spiking,” his mother posted on Facebook. “They did a CT and it shows swelling in the brain and decreased overall quality of his brain. Also it looked like the infection has gotten worse. I’m broken.”

The note, which shows Leland knew what was going to happen to him, also shows he understood that his parents were going to be heartbroken when he was gone. The note, left on the kitchen table read: “Still with you. Thank you Mom & Dad. Love. good (bye).”

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