Family Loses Everything After Hiring Removalists From Facebook

A West Midlands family has lost everything after they decided to hire a moving company they found through Facebook. 22-year-old Becky Szenk and her fiancé, 28-year-old Mark Higgins, thought the Lee Green moving company staff were professional after they worked so quickly packing and transporting their belongings into their vehicle.

It wasn’t until when the truck failed to show up at their pub after nearly an hour of waiting that the couple realized they something had gone terribly wrong. Szenk said that when the workers started moving their belongings, they assumed for them to be quick professionals, they just didn’t realize they would never see their items again.

“The removal men were racing in and out of the flat. We just thought they were being very professional. But once they drove away we didn’t see them again.”

The moving company ran off with everything the couple owned. Their washing machine, fridge, furniture, clothing, family photographs and even Becky Szenk’s engagement ring is gone. The couple had hopes of turning their new pub into a Horse and Jockey business. Now, they have to start all over with little-to-no money.

“We were in our new home on Friday night, but it wasn’t a home, it was four walls. We didn’t even have a blanket to sleep under. Some people have come forward recently to provide us with essentials, but we still don’t have everything. I have to put my daughter first and it important that she is looked after before Mark and I have what we need to live. It’s left us absolutely heartbroken. We can get new furniture but the personal stuff cannot be replaced.”

Police are currently investigating the theft.

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