Fans Recreate Mad Max And Make It Even More Gruesome

Imagined by the crazy minds of CorridorDigital and with the help of some sponsorship from Warner Brothers Games, Mad Max: Roadkill BBQ is one of the best fan made short movies to be created in a long time. Previously delivering us footage of Superman with a Go Pro, the guys at CorridorDigital have now decided to outdo the movie they are inspired by with extreme over-the-top gore and a ton of gasoline.

With the help of some practical effects and inspired by the apocalypse world of Mad Max, this short fan made film is nothing short of perfect in its awesomeness. Recommended to everyone who has watched the movie, this short will get your blood pumping, while leaving you with a smile on your face, because of the hilarious plot. It’s amazing how professional fan movies can get!

LOLWOT would like to advise viewers that this video contains violent and gory scenes

source: youtube
  • Directed a Mad Max short for Corridor Digital: Roadkill BBQ
  • Mad Max: Roadkill BBQ - Live Action Short
  • Corridor Digital's take on Mad Max
  • Mad Max: Roadkill BBQ (light gore)

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