Fantastic Four Director Bashes On His Own Movie, Regrets His Decision Minutes Later

The phrase “dull and downbeat” is usually found underneath any of the recent Adam Sandler movies, but this time movie critics use such words to describe the newest big screen rendition of the Fantastic Four. What was believed to be a successful attempt to translate a true comic series classic, the Fantastic Four turned out to be nothing but a flop. Not exactly a big deal, right? There have been and will be movie flops based on popular comic series, right? Well, despite that fact, Josh Trank, is not happy with his own creation.

Despite being the movie director of the Fantastic Four, Josh Trank decided to jump on the hate-band-wagon and started bashing on his own creation on Twitter. “A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews. You’ll probably never see it,” stated the movie director in a true hangdog-tweet fashion.

Much like a parent hating on its own child for not being successful enough, Trank went into an erratic mode of publicly criticizing the Fantastic Four and rolling back on his words shortly after. Even though his tweet was deleted a few short moments after it was posted, a number of people managed to take a snapshot, among which respected writer Mike Ryan.

According to speculation, Josh Trank is in his right to be angry, as Fox executives were not satisfied with his original cut due to the lack of action, which resulted in a number of re-shoots and the disjointed abomination-of-a-movie that is the Fantastic Four.

Whether or not the Fantastic Four movie is the result of Fox executives’ decisions or not, the truth is that this is one of the rare moments in Hollywood when a director publicly criticizes his own movie. And we do find that to be awkwardly hilarious.

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