Father Admits To Accidentally Running Over His Own Child

We’ve all heard of accidents happening, but sometimes things go a little bit more wrong. One father recently was caught on CCTV footage running over his 15-month-old son. The man drove both of his daughters to school that day, and then returned to a gruesome scene at his home. Outside of his house, police and ambulances were surrounding his driveway. At the time, the man asked for some help from everyone to find who did this — that is when he watched the footage.

Jamie Ellison reversed over his 15-month-old son, who was on the blindside of the vehicle, while backing out of the driveway. Ellison had no idea the young boy, AJ, had left the house where he had put him earlier that morning. The father of three did not notice the bump while driving, and upon return discovered the ambulances attending to the young child.

It is a completely horrific happening, but AJ is currently recovering quite well in the local hospital in Cheltenham.

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