Father Sues Facebook For Exposing 11 Year Old Daughter To Sexual Predators

A father, from Northern Ireland, sued Facebook after her under-aged daughter, 11, was exposed to sexual predators. The unnamed girl allegedly opened up multiple accounts on the social media network and posted suggestive pictures of herself to attract predators. While Facebook requires that new registrations require a date of birth, it’s easy to simply lie and set an account up. The accounts have since been deleted, but the damage was already done.

Her father argues that by just giving his daughter access, Facebook is responsible according to court documents from the Daily Mail: “‘By registering an account and using Facebook the child might be exposing herself to sexual predators or other grave risks affecting her emotional and physical health.'” While her father did neglect to teach her daughter better, this could be a warning sign to Facebook to either enforce age verification or up the age requirement to access Facebook. Both parties have reportedly settled out of court.

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