Fatherhood: You’re Doing It Right – 15 Guys That Get It

Not everyone is cut out for fatherhood. However, there is a chance to change that, and there are more than a few fathers out there who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure their children – boy or girl – are as happy as possible growing up. It takes a special kind of person to let their daughter braid their hair, paint their nails, or sit through a tea party on the living room floor. You can bet not a single one of the following fathers regrets their decisions, however. In fact, these guys are probably having more fun than ever.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re growing up with a little girl, chances are they’re going to find the make-up in mommy’s room rather interesting at some point. Thankfully, you’re there to ensure she gets it right the first time she applies it to herself. Of course, that means you have to take one for the team and sit peacefully as copious amounts of color is painted onto your face in odd lines. It may look a little ugly, or like clown make-up, when it is first applied, but give it a few weeks. By then, your daughter is going to be a professional, or you may find a substitute to sit in while you enjoy the view of someone else getting their face caked with various forms of colored make-up.

Do You Feel Pretty?

Again, growing up with a young daughter offers a lot of surprises, like getting your hair done by a semi-professional for free. Honestly, who else was going to put a purple bow in your hair if it wasn’t your daughter? No one, that’s why, so wear the matching bow with pride! If you want to make things even better for her, allow her to apply the bow in your hair herself. While it may be fun to share the same hair-style for a limited period of time, having her know she was the one who did it for you may make her day far better. The smiles won’t stop as she looks on in joy at her handy work.

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