Fatherhood: You’re Doing It Right – 15 Guys That Get It

Switching Roles

It doesn’t always have to be the father on the receiving end of the make-up, hair accessories, or nail polish. Instead, sit down, take the time to pain her nails and remember the beautiful memories being formed by the both of you. She’ll probably want to do yours after, though. It will pry be wise to just let her, of course, as she is going to whether you like it or not, you may as well enjoy the time spent with her. If you have a favorite color you may want to make it abundantly clear ahead of time, otherwise you could end up with a really horrible shade across all ten fingers or toes.

Would You Like More?

She’s the queen of the tea party, as the myriad of toys will attest to. It takes a big man to take a seat and drink imaginary fluids from a pink cup, but it’s one a father should be doing anyway. If you want to spice things up at the tea party just a little bit, then fill those cups with some juice, anything real. While it could end up with a mess, the experience may be a little more real for her, as she is really drinking alongside her father from tea cups. Perhaps afterwards a picnic can be had with the fake fruit on the little plastic plates in the center of the room.

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