Firefighter Saves Woman’s Life In Spectacular Way

A firefighter in Brazil has saved the life of a woman and child in exceptional circumstances. Following reports that a 34-year-old woman had threatened to commit suicide by jumping from the window of her 10th floor apartment, emergency services were called to the scene.

Once they arrived, they realized that the woman was deadly serious about her threats. However, the emergency responders couldn’t get to the victim as the door had been locked and barred. This left the quick-thinking firefighter with only one option to save her life. Abseiling from an apartment above, he swiftly jumped and kicked her back into her apartment to safety.

The courageous action of the firefighter also may have saved the life of a child who was also in the apartment with their mother. There were fears that the woman would jump with the child or that the child may have followed her out of the window.

source: youtube

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