Firefighters Rescue Helpless Man’s Penis From 4 Curtain Rings

Although there are a lot of crazy things that you simply shake your head about when you hear people have done them, this probably tops the list. A man in Cali, Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, somehow managed to get four curtain rings stuck around his penis. How he managed to do this is still a mystery, but upon arriving at the hospital the doctors found that they didn’t have the specialized tools for this tricky job and so they had to call in firefighters. It took firefighters more than an hour to release the man with their specialized tools all the while taking great care to avoid causing him any more injury. After all, there was the looming risk of causing irreparable damage to him.

What’s even funnier than this is that officials report that this actually occurs to three or four men per year. You’d think that after you hear of one man doing this, you’d learn and not attempt it yourself.

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