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First Official Deadpool Trailer Is Appropriately Crazy

After months of buildup, Marvel studios has finally released its first official trailer for the upcoming Deadpool movie. Teasers were released a few days ago and now there is a full fledged trailer that gives us a real look inside this rather odd superhero movie.

Deadpool has always been a bit of an offbeat antihero and the movie appears to be one that is going to stay with the theme for this film. We get a little bit of the backstory of Ryan Reynold’s character and we get a peek at some of the villains he’s going to fight. Check out the entire video and buckle up because this film isn’t going to be out until 2016.

source: youtube
  • Just watch the sci-fi comedy film Deadpool (2016) and I must say it still holds up after all these weeks, the cast is pretty impressive, the CGI still holds up fantastically. Give it a go sometime
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  • Finally! The Deadpool trailer is here!
  • Deadpool | Official Trailer [HD]

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