Five-Year-Old Girl Slips Through Security To Meet The Pope

It should go without saying, but there aren’t a lot of figures more prominent or important than the pope. It’s a true show of power when his mere presence is enough to make the common man burst into tears, and even beyond that he can summon legions of onlookers with a simple stroll down the street. He’s a person worth meeting, put simply — which is why one little girl decided to get up close and personal.

Five-year-old Sofia Cruz and the rest of her family watched as Pope Francis paraded through Washington DC. Not content with merely watching him go by, she took a hands-on approach and pushed through the barriers for a quick meeting. Under normal circumstances, it would have led to trouble or a stern warning from on-hand security; instead, the pope welcomed her advance. He hugged her, kissed her, and took a note that the child wanted to hand off.

The note in question showed that Sofia wanted to be with her friends — a simple enough wish, but one that would become impossible depending on the government’s actions. As the daughter of undocumented immigrants, Sofia’s parents are at risk of deportation if the law doesn’t swing in their favor; a word from the pope could likely help their cause. There’s no telling what Congress will agree on when the time comes, but it’s a safe bet that the pope will do what he thinks is right — with or without a push from a little girl.

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