Florida Shooting Range Adds Restaurant That Serves Alcohol

A shooting range at Daytona Beach, Florida, announced that it will open up a restaurant that will serve booze. Volusia Top Gun opened up a few years ago and has a vacant building close to them that they want to turn into a restaurant. However, they’d like to receive a license to serve alcohol. No way the city allows something like that, right?

Ron Perkinson, the owner of the business, was able to persuade Daytona Beach to allow it to happen. According to reports, Perkinson said “they’ll track those drinking alcohol by using their driver’s licenses… Those people will not be allowed to shoot if they’re drinking.” That doesn’t mean people can’t shoot if they have drank. Customers will have to sign and confirm that they aren’t too drunk to shoot at the range.

Other safety precautions they plan to add will be a metal detector between the shooting range and the restaurant, and police will be called if there’s any trouble.

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