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source: imgur
  • Good through the guitar solo
  • This just really sucks
  • FML at the toilet
  • Maybe Maybe Maybe
  • All day every day
  • Public bathrooms
  • Patrick Stewart
  • going to toilet
  • For gods sake!
  • Public Toilet
  • me irl

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Comments (3)

  • Betty Conroy Reply

    Not my [privacy strips!!!](http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_llayq8LDUU1qizvnso1_500.gif)

  • Ola Goldner Reply

    You have to put some TP over the sensor before you do anything else. Public restroom defication has been much easier since I realized this.

  • Margarita Kertzmann Reply

    This explains why is there is no Captain's Log on Stardate 47113.7