Former Cop Gets Jail Time For Teaching Lie Detector Secrets

One would think that lie detectors — based on the name alone — are practically foolproof. The assumption is that they can always detect lies and liars, but it may well have been around long enough for people to find the cracks. One former Oklahoma cop proclaimed that he knew all of the secrets — and ironically, now he’s the one facing jail time.

To be fair, Douglass Williams did more than brag about beating the system. He actually made a career out of it; between his website, his manuals, his DVDs, and even one-on-one training sessions, he made money by showing others how to tell truths and lies that would fool even the greatest polygraph. Unfortunately for him, the FBI caught wind of it. Undercover agents posed as potential customers, and in doing so caught Williams in the act.

Reportedly, Williams’ teachings made it to several criminals, including a drug trafficker and a child molester. As a result, the former cop has been dealt a two-year sentence; meanwhile, his website has been shut down, and it’s almost guaranteed that his teaching materials have been scooped up. Lets just hope he learns his lesson.

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