Former Defense Minister Claims Governments Are Hiding Aliens From People

A former defense minister has claimed that the world’s governments are hiding aliens from people, Mirror reported. Paul Hellyer is urging world leaders to release what he thinks to be a secret data on UFOs. He started talking about the alien existence back in 2005. The 91-year-old said that aliens have been visiting Earth for many years and are not impressed with how we live our lives. He further said that we spend a lot of our time fighting with each other, we spend a lot of money on military expenses and not enough on looking after the sick and homeless and feeding the poor.

In 2014, Paul Hellyer announced on Russian TV that aliens are walking among us. However, he said that they are not willing to share their breakthrough technologies until we change our warring and polluting ways. Hellyer thinks that aliens are responsible for a few of our modern technology such as the Kevlar vest, LED light and microchip. He served as Canadian defense minister in the 1960’s.

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