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Fuck you, I am a giraffe

source: imgur
  • An inspirational gif for my troll sisters getting catcalled, unsolicited dick pic-ed, fuck boi-ed and such. Keep galloping you beautiful giraffes!
  • When my parents try to make me do something, and then I realize that I'm an adult
  • [Fluff] When I try a fancy mount attack on a charging monster so I can look cool
  • Move, bitch, get out the way. Get out the way, bitch. Get out the way
  • MRW plebs try to stand in my way of talking shit about Bone Tomahawk
  • Hit girl was in way over her head when she took on this assignment
  • Female tries to take out long horse, gets put in her place
  • Lion attacks giraffe but gets trampled instead - slow mo
  • SEriAl KiLLEr GirAfFe sHReds uNEXpeCTiNg LiON tO PiECEs
  • [No Spoilers] A giraffe... I'm definitely a giraffe
  • Lion regrets hunting a giraffe when it falls off
  • There was an attempt to grab dinner that night
  • Cross-post from /r/funny, I'm a giraffe bitch!
  • What it feels like to go up for aerials lately
  • Didn't want to break the rules, so here you go
  • Another GIF from the Rousey vs Holms fight
  • The giraffe is the storm. The lion is NOVA
  • TIFU by picking on someone bigger then me
  • Lioness attempts to take down a giraffe
  • Melee build in Fo4 (x post from funny)
  • Lion gets tanked by a running Giraffe
  • Sustr during the game vs the Flames
  • Long Horse body checks a lioness
  • Lion getting wrecked by Giraffe
  • FOk you M9, Im a foking giraffe
  • Desert lions, desperate times
  • Murderous giraffe in action
  • Giraffes don't fuck around
  • Move lion get out the way
  • Fuck you, I am a giraffe
  • Damn Nature, You scary !
  • Drive by Mothafucka
  • Reasonably startled
  • Tyrannosaurus Rekt
  • Giraffe: "Move!"
  • Giraffe vs Lion
  • Our Defense
  • Represent!
  • ライオンvsキリン
  • me irl
  • 努力賞

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