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Garbage truck of the future

source: imgur
  • MRW I'm the fastest garbage collector of them all, but the garbage that I try to destroy bands together and rebels against my tyranny
  • Protip: If you can integrate technology where it is not needed, do it anyways. 100% success rate
  • Garbage truck of the future. The image that started this subreddit
  • When I propose a solution at work that I'm 98% sure can't go wrong
  • MRW I'm a garbage truck and someone tells me a funny joke
  • HIFW I take that last chug of beer I totally did not need
  • When I start a project and when it gets to the deadline
  • MRW I'm 14 shots deep and I think I can handle one more
  • Is this why I saw garbage all over my neighbour's yard?
  • Me attempting to put my ideas into my Master's Thesis
  • Look, son, that's exactly how your government works
  • Every time I consider withdrawing from DogeTipBot
  • Fuck your garbage, I'm not a part of your system!
  • What happens when you try to un-ground a trashcan
  • Me, trying to cram study the night before an exam
  • Look, it's raining Christmas on the sidewalk!
  • Garbage collection has never been easier
  • Cramming for the two finals I have today
  • Garbage pick-up has never been this easy
  • Sometimes automation isn't a good thing
  • Garbage truck failing to pick up trash
  • Michael Rosen and his garbage truck
  • FAM found a gif of Tyga in Action
  • When I got additional bank space
  • The garbage truck of the future
  • This Dump Truck Knows What's up
  • I think our work here is done
  • One of my all-time favorites
  • Garbage truck has had enough
  • This dump truck gets it
  • Your garbage is invalid
  • John the garbageman
  • 全自動ゴミ収集機(声:大山のぶ代)
  • trash throwtrash
  • Literally wasted
  • Garbage Day!
  • Rebellion
  • me🚮irl
  • Me irl

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