German Police Respond To Sighting Of Armed Mob, Find Asparagus Farmers Instead

On Saturday a man in Ludwigslust, a rural town in northeastern Germany, called the police to report the sighting of an armed mob. The police hurried to track down the supposed group, which the witness said comprised “10 to 15 people armed with knives and sticks”. Within a handful of minutes, the police had scrambled six police cars to meet and disband the supposed mob.

As it turns out, the witness had imagined the group had a threatening character and intent. The police, upon arriving at the scene, were surprised and relieved to find the mob was actually a group of asparagus farmers. They had broken for their lunch break and had been walking along the road while carrying their harvesting tools when the witness had seen them.

In Germany, white asparagus is considered a delicacy and often finds its way onto numerous restaurant menus. This story of miscommunication will likely make the little vegetable all the more popular in a mildly humorous fashion.

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