Germanwings Co-Pilot Reportedly Crashed The Plane On Purpose

The mystery of the Germanwings crash appears to be all but solved. Earlier this week, searchers were able to find the plane’s black box. Now the company is saying it appears as if the co-pilot is to blame for the crash and that crash was entirely intentional. Germanwings says that the crash was apparently part of an elaborate suicide attempt. Unfortunately, that suicide took more than 140 other lives with him.

The company says that Andrea Lubitz locked the captain out of the cockpit and then drove the plane into the ground. Lubitz seems to have planned the crash for quite a while. The co-pilot locked the door and used a five-minute override sequence to keep the pilot from being able to get back in using an emergency code. “It was a voluntary action“, said prosecutor Brice Robin. The intention was “to destroy the aircraft” he said.

Since these findings, a number of airlines have announced they have changed the rules when it comes to cockpit rules. These companies are behaving proactively, despite the fact it seems unlikely this particular kind of situation will happen again in the near future.

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