Giant 3D Printer Can Make Entire Houses Out Of Clay

At this stage, it may be easier to start naming the items that 3D printers can’t make. One application after another makes the news, no matter how complex or unreal the end product may be. The way things are looking, not even scale is going to be a problem. Not if Big Delta is any indication — because it has the power to make houses.

As the brainchild of the Italian company WASP — World’s Advanced Saving Project — the machine stands as a solution to housing crises. Standing at forty feet tall, it pulls resources from the surrounding area, and then constructs them into houses with a small ecological footprint. As such, BigDelta’s construction is safe for the environment while also offering up a level of practicality; the clay houses are durable and adapt to their surroundings, and are surprisingly cheap to make.

In all fairness, it would still require the construction of the giant apparatus before even a single house could be made — and beyond that, the rooted positioning means that it can only make one house at a time. On the other hand, it’s not hard to imagine future upgrades allowing a more mobile tower, or multiple towers at once. There are plenty of options available even at this early stage, so hopefully Big Delta gets its chance to make the world a bit more hospitable.

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