Girl Recreated Scene From ‘Up’ And Uses Balloons To Float To The Sky

Movies can be very inspiring in many ways and can undoubtedly enrich our lives. The popular Pixar film ‘Up’ taught us how valuable life can be and how short it is to have any regrets. It also reaffirmed a long time notion that we can indeed levitate to the skies using balloons. A girl in Russia, however, managed to become one of the first people ever to witness the authenticity of the theory, when she took to the skies using 4,000 balloons.

Photographs and footage captured in the city of Saratov on Sunday shows a 10 year girl participating in quite a dangerous stunt that involved her levitating at least 15 meters into the air and staying afloat using nothing but balloons. She stayed there for a small duration as the amazed crowd looked on, and was slowly let back down to the ground.

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