Global Temperatures Set To Get Worse Over The Next Five Years

A horrifying picture taken by photographer Kerstin Langenberger has been making the rounds across the internet and has re-sparked the debate regarding global warming. Although global temperatures have not escalated over the past two years, a recent study shows that things are going to get a lot worse over the next few years. The reason behind this is the cumulative effect caused by global warming and El Nino, a phenomenon caused by the natural warming of the Pacific Ocean.

The Met Office’s most recent report suggests that the world temperatures are heading towards warmer territories, and although it won’t be felt evenly across the world, the change is expected to be the one of the strongest of all time. According to the report, the culmination of green house gases and the unnatural heating of the Eastern Pacific has been causing several discrepancies in world temperatures. Asia and Australia are most likely going to face the brunt of this and will probably suffer from drought, while North and South America can look forward to much heavier rains over the next few years. Only Europe seems to be in a favorable position during this crisis and people in the region can look forward to cooler summers thanks to El Nino.

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